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Cat. #          INSTRUMETATION                                                                        PRICING (Complete Sets)


                        CONCERT BAND/BRASS ENSEMBLE


1001                Flash:  A Fanfare for Brass and Percussion                                                             $60.00

1002                My Voice for Symphonic Wind Ensemble                                                               $125.00

1003                Wildfire for Symphonic Band                                                                                  $125.00

1004                From Darkness Grows the Dancing Blue Lights for Young concert band               $90.00

1005                Gold Dust for Symphonic Wind Ensemble                                                              $125.00

1006                Stormchaser for Young Bands                                                                                  $90.00

1007                    Firefly for Symphonic Wind Ensemble                                                                    $175.00

                                  I.  As Darkness Glows

                                            II.  Blue Whirlwind

1008                Ave Maria – Biebl/trans. for Symphonic Band                                                         $90.00

1009                A New Song – Kauflin/trans. for Symphonic Wind Ensemble                                 $90.00

1010                Give Us Visions – Fanfare for Brass and Percussion                                                $40.00

1011                The Soaring Eagle (Fanfare, Song, and Dance) for Young Concert Band                $100.00



2001                Stealth:  An Overture for Orchestra                                                                          $150.00


                      SOLO/CHAMBER MUSIC


3001                The Distant Light for flute, horn (opt. fluegelhorn or euphonium) and piano          $20.00

3002                Shapeshifter for flute and piano                                                                                 $25.00

3003                Mystic Rhythm for flute, alto saxophone, and two marimbas                                   $25.00

3004                Canyons for Woodwind Quintet                                                                                 $30.00

3005                Prism Fanfare for Flute Ensemble                                                                              $40.00

3006                From Dusk to Dawn for clarinet (opt. flute), horn (opt. tpt or trb) and piano            $25.00

3007                Journey Into the Light for alto saxophone and piano                                                 $25.00

                                  I.   Rollicking

                                        II.  Restlessness

                                        III. Confusion

                                        IV. Serenity

3008                Scaramouche - Milhaud arr. for Saxophone Quartet                                                  $25.00

                                 I.  Vif

                                       II.  Modere

                                       III. Brasiliera

3009                A Wandering Voice for horn and piano                                                                      $30.00

                                        I.  Searching

                                        II.  Primitive Chatter

                                        III. Awakening

3010                Steel Clouds – for horn and piano (Horn Version – originally for trumpet)              $25.00

3011                Steel Clouds – for trumpet (opt trb) and piano                                                                         $25.00

3012                Blue Chase for Trumpet Ensemble                                                                             $50.00

3013                Neon Fanfare for Trumpet Ensemble                                                                         Available Here (Triplo Press)

3014                Three Madrigals for Five Bb Trumpets -Luca Marenzio/arr. for trumpet ensemble  $30.00

                                       I.  Togli, dolce ben mio

                                       II.  Crudele Acerba

                                       III. Spring Returns




4001                Marsch from Symphonic Metamorphosis – Hindemith/arr. for Perc Ensemble         $75.00

4002                Moonstruck for Percussion Ensemble                                                                         $90.00





5001                Will the Wind Whisper? - high voice                                                                           $15.00

5002                Four Emily Dickinson Songs – soprano                                                                       $25.00

                                        I.   Heart We Will Forget Him

                                        II.  Why do They Shut Me Out of Heaven?

                                        III. Will There Really be a Morning?

                                        IV. There Came a Wind Like a Bugle

5003                Hidden Love (Four Sara Teasdale Poems) – soprano                                                   $25.00

                                        I.   Hidden Love

                                        II.  Houses of Dreams

                                        III. The Flight

                                        IV. To Joy

5004                The Human Heart – high voice                                                                                     $25.00

                                        I.   Evening Solace

                                        II.  Verses to a Child

                                        III. Life

                                        IV. Love and Friendship

                                        V.  Past, Present, Future

5005                Only Then Can We Smile – soprano, trumpet (opt. tbn) & piano                                $20.00

                      CHORAL ENSEMBLE


5050                The Presence for SSAATTBB Choir                                                                            $3.00 per copy

5051                Love and Friendship for SATB Choir                                                                          $2.50 per copy

5052                Verses To a Child for SATB Choir                                                                               $2.50 per copy


6001                Elliptical Dance from Three Preludes for Piano                                                            $9.99

6002                Three Preludes for Piano                                                                                                $20.00

                                        I.   Parallel Points

                                        II.  Hidden Triangles

                                        III. Elliptical Dance

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